AST-Systems Offer Murung Raya Expedition Huge Discount for Satellite Communications

It’s not cheap to send videos back from the middle of the rainforest, or to do live video links for that matter! AST-Systems have kindly offered us a great discount on their airtime and bandwidth, meaning we can do more, for less!

A Crucial Element

The Murung Raya Expedition is primarily aimed at researching a threatened area of unexplored rainforest so that it might be protected and better managed. Alongside that aim, we are using the expedition to engage with an international audience through real-time, interactive media.

We do this by using satellite communications equipment (kindly donated by Livewire Digital), to send videos, pictures and blogs back from the field, and to host live chats and video links over the internet.

There’s no wifi in the rainforest however, so we have to make our own connections with the outside world, and here’s where AST-Systems come in.

Camp Foyle to the World

AST-Systems have hooked us up with Inmarsat and Iridium accounts for our Sat Phone handsets and our BGAN Terminal, meaning we should be able to talk, blog, tweet, and connect with the rest of the world, without any problems, and at minimal cost.

From our base camp, Camp Foyle, we’ll be able to host live video links with the Natural Museum, chat to people on the Guardian Website, and talk to classes of students around the world.

To learn how to take part in this interactive expedition, visit the Interactive page!