Heart of Borneo Rainforest Foundation is Researching New Heights with Support of Treeworker &  New Sponsors

With the addition of Holli Kilburn to the Murung Raya Expedition team we have been able to add a new dimension to our research. Holli is a canopy access technician who has managed to find a host of new sponsors to support research into the canopy of the unexplored rainforests of the Upper Joloi river.

Rainforest habitats exists in layers or horizontal strata, with different species spending most of their time moving around within these layers. If limit your research to the forest floor you are missing out on everything else that lives in the different strata of the forest. It’s like researching for a book you are writing but only looking at the books on the bottom shelves in the library.

The purpose of the expedition is not only to demonstrate the value of this area of rainforest, but also to add to the wider knowledge and understanding of the rainforest habitats of Borneo. Very little study has been done in the rainforest canopies of Borneo, so the contribution to the existing data will be huge, and the potential for exciting new discoveries pretty high.

Robert Knott from Treeworker has made it his personal mission to make sure we are fully stocked with all the safety kit we need to perform this research. We are in great debt to him and are looking forward to a long-term partnership between the heart of Borneo Project and Treeworker.

The first canopy access kit supplier that Robert helped us find was Work Ware, who have kitted us out with a top of the range harness, more rope than we could ever lose, and a bit more still:

Marlow Ropes Ltd have also very kindly stepped up and have sponsored us more ropes, throw bags, and an assortment of other goodies.

If you would like information on sponsoring our rainforest canopy research, please email Holli Kilburn: h.kilburn@heartofborneo.org

Thank you from the Forest