We are setting out to be one of the first truly interactive rainforest expeditions. Our latest sponsor, Livewire Digital, have brought us one huge step closer to that goal

Livewire Digital are experts at “delivering video from the most remote and hostile places”, and you certainly don’t get more remote than the middle of the Heart of Borneo, nor is any environment more hostile to sophisticated technology than the rainforest.

So sending multimedia back from the field, and taking part in live links with schools and institutions like the Natural History Museum to bring the world into the rainforest, is challenging to say the least. So we are hugely grateful to our sponsors at Livewire Digital who are providing us with one of their top of the range satellite modems, sat phones, and all the little techie bits and pieces to go with it.

Livewire Digital are also busying away with the tech guys down at the NHM to make sure everything runs smoothly when we ‘go live’ in January. We simply could not deliver this exciting and innovative educational project if it weren’t for the support of the Livewire Digital team, so thank you!