Murung Raya Expedition Team Will Wear Paramo Directional Clothing into the Rainforest

Clothing is extremely important to the success of any serious expedition, such as the Murung Raya Expedition. For a team to stay healthy, happy, and functional for their duration in the field, the clothing must be fit for purpose. For us, that means the clothes we will wear day in, day out, must endure the rigours of one of the most testing environments on earth in the form of tropical rainforest. Soaring temperatures and UV rays, 100% humidity, torrential rainfall. Not to mention the constant barrage of abuse from spiny lianas, tree climbing, river crossing, and the general inhospitable nature of the rainforest.

Quick drying clothing is essential as we will nearly always be soaked through during the daylight hours, either with rain or sweat. Durability to withstand the wear and tear from constant use in this difficult environment. Comfort so the team can concentrate on their work. And the ability to both cool during the day, and keep warm during the night when the temperature can feel surprisingly low once we’re all acclimatised.

Our team will be sporting the Directional Clothing of Paramo, which has been kindly donated to the expedition. After two weeks in Indonesia we are already glad we have Paramo on our side. The fabric is the quickest drying any of the team have come across before which has proven extremely useful already. The designs are both functional and comfortable, and they even look smart enough to wear on visits to public offices. They have so far withstood the rigours of the concrete jungles of Jakarta and Banjarmasin, and we are all looking forward to enjoying the performance of our Paramo oufits in the field.

We are also very pleased to be supported by a company with such a strong record on ethical production.