UCF Sponsor the Murung Raya Expedition with State of the Art Video and Photography Equipment

The Murung Raya Expedition has received a huge boost courtesy of University College Falmouth, who have kindly loaned us all the kit we need to make our interactive expedition possible.

Born in Falmouth

The Heart of Borneo Rainforest Foundation was borne out of a project created by a team of explorers, scientists and filmmakers who met at Tremough Campus, in Cornwall. Martin Holland, Founder and Director of the HoBP and Expedition Leader this winter, is a UCF graduate in Marine and Natural History Photography. James Harwood meanwhile, the expedition cameraman and photographer who will share responsibility for creating the multimedia content with Martin, is studying his final year of the same degree.

So it’s fitting that UCF should sponsor the project, and the expedition, by loaning the equipment which will set this expedition apart from many others. By being interactive, allowing people to connect with the expedition team in real-time during their time in the field, we can educate and inspire a much wider audience, and do so in a way which will really make a difference.

BBC Chase Film Opportunity

The BBC have already snapped up an 8 minute film for their Inside Out show, and numerous production companies have approached us with a view to promoting the resulting documentary. The skills and techniques taught to Martin and James during their degrees, along with the loan of kit, has made all of this possible.

We will be filming in HD on a Panasonic P2 video camera, and shooting stills on a Canon 5d MkII, which is also capable of shooting HD film. We’ll be editing this footage in the field and uploading it to our UK support team who will distribute it across the web, principally on this site.

Thank you to University College Falmouth, particularly to Tony Schorah, Paul Inman, and the guys in the Media and Photography departments, for supporting this important work.