To protect the ecological and cultural richness of the rainforests of Borneo by creating resources and networks that facilitates their sustainable, transparent, and accountable management.


Total Knowledge: a future where all information relevant to protecting rainforests in Borneo is available and accessible to all.

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We believe in the intrinsic right of nature to exist, and of the fundamental value of nature and wilderness to the mental, spiritual, and physical health of humanity. Indeed it is our belief that our best hope of happiness as a species is to realign our relationship with nature as one of symbiosis, rather than one of exploitation or stewardship.

We believe in the intrinsic right of indigenous and tribal peoples to self-determination. As such we only work where we have permission from local communities, and we only engage in their affairs when we are asked to. In such circumstances we try to go beyond participatory approaches to something that is closer to facilitation.

We believe in transparency as a means to honesty and accountability, within NGOs, businesses, and governments. As William O’Douglas said:

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

We believe in open access to information and data.

We believe in collaboration and networking, and especially within the NGO community which is shamefully protective of its information and resources.

We believe in multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-generational approaches that allow people of all backgrounds to work alongside each other on different problems, so that they may benefit from the insight and enthusiasm of others.

We believe in the youth, who have yet to have their faith and optimism corrupted and crushed by cynicism.

We believe in positivity, innovation, and the fundamental goodness of human beings.