Our Sponsors

  • The Halpin Trust

    Philanthropists Les and Claire Halpin have been instrumental in the establishment and growth of our organisation since the days before we were even a registered a charity. Les Halpin joined our Board of Trustees to share his invaluable insight and experience with our team, before he sadly passed away in 2013. Now we are proudly […]

    Website: Charity Commission Page

    Sponsorship: Funding

  • Livewire Digital

    Sponsoring our satellite communications software and hardware since 2010

    Website: www.livewire.co.uk

    Sponsorship: Satellite Communications

  • Podio

    We’re powered by Podio – easy project management software to easily manage teams, projects and much more in one central place. Work the way you want to with the unique ability to create your own apps.

    Website: company.podio.com/project-management-software

    Sponsorship: Project Management and Collaboration Software


    We rely heavily on the guys at LAHUKA – they take the stress out of the Indonesian paperwork and free up all that time for us to concentrate on the things that we’re good at.

    Website: indo-expedition-services.webeden.co.uk/

    Sponsorship: Research and Expedition Support

  • Foyles

    Christopher and Catherine Foyle, of Foyles Bookstores, have been fantastic supporters of our work since our foundation.

    Website: www.foyles.co.uk

    Sponsorship: Funding

  • Royal Geographical Society

    The learned society & professional body for geography & geographers has provided funding and support since our conception.

    Website: www.rgs.org

    Sponsorship: Funding

  • Clouded Leopard Project

    We received funding in 2012 for our ongoing work on the impact of hunting on clouded leopards and other felids.

    Website: www.cloudedleopard.org

    Sponsorship: Funding

  • GeoEye Foundation

    The GeoEye Foundation have supported our research and capacity building work through the donation of satellite imagery, for which we are extremely grateful.

    Website: www.geoeyefoundation.org

    Sponsorship: Satellite Imagery