Teething Problems at Camp Foyle Mean Delays in Updates from the Field

Expedition Leader, Martin Holland, talks about the difficulties and peculiarities of an interactive multimedia expedition

Camp Foyle is up and running. It’s 12 days since we established the site, and we’ve been pretty rubbish at letting everyone know what’s been going on since we got here. We’re just finding our feet and getting into our rhythm now that the camp is finished and our transects have been cut.

You wouldn’t know about any of this yet because we haven’t really figured out the best workflow to get blogs, pictures and videos from people’s heads and the cameras, onto the laptops, and up onto the web while so much else has been going on, and with so many limitations to when we can use our power supply. But that’s all changing now.

Video Troubles

We’ve shot some amazing footage, but we have also had some major issues with editing our videos which has meant that I have spent the vast majority of my time hunched over one of our various laptops trying to get our first video finished and online, without success so far.

For all the remoteness of our location, I could very easily convince myself that I’m still in Falmouth. It really is bizarre that in the modern world of exploration we can feel almost as technologically plugged in and connected as we do back home, despite being about 200miles away from the nearest installed internet connection, and surrounded by rainforest that is teeming with wildlife so rare that we are being surprised daily by what is here.

7 Weeks Left

So no excuses. We’re up and running now, and will be sending blogs, pictures and twitter updates back daily, and as soon as we can get our video workflow fixed, we’ll be sending those back regularly too.

We have about 7 weeks left at Camp Foyle, so stay tuned for some exciting and marvellous news about the excellent state of this rainforest, and the wonders that remain hidden within it.