The intrigue of Bornean Herpetology

Herpetologist, Dale Mortiboys discusses the study of all things great.

I came to Borneo to study the herpetofauna. But what is herpetofauna?? The direct translation would be the study of things that crawl. Which hardly sounds very exotic. The amazing thing about Borneo is the huge amount of animals that do far more than that. There are frogs and geckos that glide between trees. Flying snakes and actual dragons. Well, lizards that have elongated ribs for wings. Despite being called draco (latin for dragon) there is no fire breathing. 

The jungle offers a huge variety of specimens to excite. There are 150 frogs and over 250 reptiles.  We have spent many of our nights walking transects keeping our eyes peeled for specimens and homing in on frog calls. The jungle comes alive at night. Your senses peak as every call in the darkness could be something exciting. The possibility of stumbling on something dangerous or losing your way in the black runs through your mind. Then the thin beam of your head light shines on the distinctive shape of a frog and you are in quick pursuit.

For our efforts we have been treated with a glimpse of how diverse the amphibians and reptiles are in this unstudied region and how ingenious they have been at adapting to niches with in the habitat.

Every trip out of camp continues to provide adventure and amazement as we uncover different species. You can follow our progress through the photo galleries and videos. I hope you are as enthralled by these curious creatures as I am.