Rusty’s thoughts on the ‘delights’ of the forest

By Rusty Goodchild, Researcher

So the worms are soon to be taken care of, we have quite a large amount of anti-worm medication being delivered in the next few days (presumably it’s the same stuff you put in dog food to stop them scratching), and the battle against foot rot will be continuous, but what of the other ailments of camp Foyle?

Every day someone comes back from the forest with a new bruise, or a cut which needs attention regularly to keep infection at bay. Falls are a regular occurrence, sometimes your foot slides 20cm to the side, other times you find yourself being rudely introduced to the ground, which is either a) muddy, b) thorny or c) quite some way down.

Last night on VES (Visual Encounter Survey) I managed to put my hand on something poisonous, a plant or maybe even a frog, the same hand that’s been resident to two of the worms. This morning I stir with an unpleasant burning sensation in my right hand, and after taking anti-histamines it gets worse and blisters! So now I’m in camp writing a blog instead of going out and making the next big discovery.

It could be worse!

 I mustn’t complain though this will probably make me miss a night, Dale and Tim have both missed several days due to foot rot, and lets face it, there are much worse things to happen to the team, thankfully none of which have happened. Although I suppose it’s not too interesting to read about from your perspective, spider bites aren’t too bad to deal with but would be interesting, and I have a tarantula called Priscilla living under my bed, hmm….