Base Camp Manager, Ian Blessley, Gives His Account of Moving to Camp Foyle

Difficulties in Tumbang Tohan, and the final leg to Camp Foyle

A cool reception

Whilst the reception in Naan had been excellent we were viewed with a little suspicion by the villagers of TT.  Martin made a wise decision to remain in the village a little longer and meet the villagers before the base camp team set off.  A very successful meeting saw us gain credibility and the trust of the villagers and alleviate what might have been a huge problem for us. As we are using guides from the villages it has been really important for us to spend time explaining why we are here and what we intend to do.

Over the next 3 days another 12 small boats were used to ferry the team and equipment to base camp, allowing time for Camp Foyle to be constructed before descending with our mountain of stores and equipment.



In total we used 1 large freight boat, 2 large motor boats, 6 Pickups, and 24 smaller river boats (12 x 2 journeys) to travel approximately 500 miles with around 4 tonnes of equipment.

When we started I had my doubts about getting everything here in one piece, but besides 3 broken jars of tomato sauce, and losing about 12 cans of mackerel in the boat crash, everything else arrived safely (all be it some noodle were a bit crushed and some of the fruit spoiled), a testament to the team who had to load and unload all the stores 12 times during the 11 day journey from the south coast of Borneo to the very centre of the island.