Food, Feinting, Sheeps Testacles, and Thunder

An early visit to the already swelteringly hot street market in Palangkaraya kick started the hoarding of food for the month ahead. Staples of potatoes, red beans were snapped up after close inspection for weevils and rot. Then off to the very well air conditioned supermarket where James took a turn for the worse going very pale and feint as exhaustion kicked in so he was promptly stripped to his boxers by Caro, Rosie and any willing passersby and sat in a freezer unit with a can of cold drink, some biscuits and sheep testicles for comfort.

In the early afternoon the team made their way to the BOS office for the second meeting. The outcomes of which were purely positive with BOS wanting to do their utmost to ensure the longevity of the community project. Arrangements were made for a meeting with all the villagers, the community project team and the BOS workers on the 14th July when the BOS team coincidentally arriving in the village so that we could be properly introduced to the villagers and our work projects thoroughly explained to the community.

The final job for the day was to complete the bulk shopping which was no mean feat. The day ended with a beer on the balcony with spectacular thunder and lightning over the river.