Travelling to Muara Teweh

This morning we were met by a torrential downpour which, as we found out stops everything in Borneo. The mountain of boxes were piled into the two 4×4 along with the team and it was off to Muara Teweh.

The journey took about 6 hours and was at times very hairy as our vehicles crossed large logging trucks and hap hazard scooters flitting onto and off roads. The highlight of the journey apart from feeling like we were actually starting to get into the forested areas was the car ferry across the River Kahia, saw cars scrape their undersides on the ferries gunwales and some very close encounters between car and river, very entertaining. Unfortunately this is the last of the ferry crossings due to a bridge that is due to be finished in a month’s time.

After settling into a much nicer hotel then Mina for a third of the price we checked out the surrounding markets and shops for plumbing supplies and last minute food stuffs. Tomorrow we travel up to Purukcahu and then make the final leg of our journey to Muara Joloi.