Our Community Project Team Have Arrived at Muara Joloi

The Research Expedition may have been postponed, but our Renewable Energy and Sustainability Project Team have just arrived at Muara Joloi, a remote community close to the centre of the island of Borneo.

The 5 person team, led by renewable energy engineer Caroline Warwick-Evans, will spend 4 weeks in the remote village of Muara Joloi. Her team is comprised of University of Exeter students – James Rough and Rosie Caley – and two Indonesian students from the University of Planagka Raya – Daniel Theofilus and Zainal Arifin.

Working with the community, and alongside filed workers from the Borneo Orang-utan Survival Foundation (BOS), the team are looking at how Muara Joloi, and other remote communities, might harness the power of their rivers and waterfalls to power their village, or irrigate their fields. At the same time, James will lead a study on sustainabile agriculture techniques.

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