Our new name means we need some new logos – can you help?

If you didn’t see our recent announcement, we’re changing the name of our charity to Frontline Conservation, so it’s time for us to adopt a new logo to help us morph into this new identity, and we’d like you to help.

Frontline Conservation Logo

We are approaching our 4th anniversary as a UK registered non-profit, so we’re still a young charity that is run and fuelled by a young team of passionate, creative and resourceful people, who are backed up by the experience and expertise of some seriously big names in international conservation.

And that’s our approach to conservation too.

We take the best of the tried and tested tools and methods of conservation, add innovative uses of emerging ideas and technologies, and apply this powerful mixture to strategic areas of unique, vulnerable habitats where we’re confident we can create a big impact.

We’re all about impact.

We combine exploration, pioneering research, community empowerment, and interactive multimedia outreach techniques to Discover, Educate, and Inspire… we want our logo to reflect this approach

Some brief notes to help

Our new logo should be bright, modern, and recognisable from the graphic alone. We have discussed using the Borneo bay cat to reflect our heritage and priority location (Borneo rainforests), along with concepts of style, grace, power, efficiency, and a prowling stealth that threatens environmental-evil-doers wherever they are.

But that’s just our idea (if we do choose to use this concept then we need to be sure we stand out from other conservation NGOs with similar logos). We will consider every idea that’s submitted no matter how cliche or abstract.

The logo needs to work everywhere – circle or square, big or small, social media, motion graphics, merchandise, you name it we’re going to put this logo on it.

It also has to be easily customisable – as we grow we want the logo to grow with us.

Prizes and Competition Details

Deadline for submissions is 15th August

Use the form below to submit your logo in vector format, but splash it all over our social networks as well if you like!

If we choose your Frontline Conservation logo concept you will win:

  • a lifetime’s supply of awesome karma, as well warm smug feelings of satisfaction whenever s/he happens to notice your logo on something great
  • a totally free and brilliant talk from our co-founder, Martin Holland, at a school, living room, university, or other venue of your choosing
  • a signed print of favourite photograph from one of our expeditions or projects


New Heart of Borneo Logo

We will continue to work with and develop the Heart of Borneo concept, both to frame our projects in Borneo and to continue with our original mission of raising awareness of this unique ecosystem and it’s incredibly rich biological and cultural heritage, and the work being done through the Heart of Borneo Initiative to protect it.

As we change to Frontline Conservation, this website will become much less about us as an organisation, and much more about the Heart of Borneo itself, the threats facing the peoples and species of this island, and the work being done by us and others to stem the tide of falling trees. We’re using this as an opportunity to find ideas for a new logo for this website, so please use the same form below to share your ideas.

Thanks, and Good Luck!