BioCultural Survey set to begin in December: positions available for staff and volunteers.


The first Gunung Bondang BioCultural Survey, in collaboration with Universitas Tanjungpura and The Borneo Institute, is scheduled to begin in December and will run until late January.

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The biodiversity research will focus on primates, terrestrial vertebrates, birds, reptiles and amphibians, while a cultural survey of the local people’s relationship with the mountain and the myths and legends associated with it will be conducted at the same time. As much as possible will be documented with film, photography and sound.

Gunung Bondang is an isolated mountain peak in Central Kalimantan, rising from lowland rainforest at the base (400m asl) to montane forest at the summit (c.1374m asl), with a spectacular band of fantasy-world moss forest starting at around 1,000m asl.

Gunung Bondang Expedition: 20th December – 31st January

Volunteer Field Assistant positions are open to applicants

Ideal Field Assistants are early career scientists, conservationists (activists, fundraisers, journalists), and creatives (photographers, filmmakers, etc), but are open to applications from people from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, especially if you are thinking of making conservation your career.

A donation of £1150 covers all non-personal costs from arrival in Borneo and helps to cover the main costs of the expedition (the rest we find from grants and fundraising activities).

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