HoBP Team Arrive in Country to Begin Epic Interactive Research Expedition into Unexplored Borneo Rainforest

After 18 months of solid planning, the Heart of Borneo Rainforest Foundation’s Murung Raya Expedition is getting underway.

The Expedition Team arrived in Indonesia in two waves last week after attending and speaking at the Royal Geaographical Society Explore weekend. The Expedition is supported by the prestigious RGS-IBG Neville Shulman Challenge Award.

The team of explorers, scientists and filmmakers from Europe and Indonesia will research and document an unexplored area of rainforest on eastern side of the Schwarner mountain range, in the very centre of the island. This region, in the Murung Raya province of Central Kalimantan, is so remote that it will take the 11 man team at least 10 days to move from the south coast of the island to their base camp, Camp Foyle, by a series of ever smaller boats and increasingly challenging rivers.

Before beginning that stage of the journey, the team must succesfully navigate miles of red tape, and buy all of their food and equipment for their 9 weeks of isloation in the rainforest. The food supplies alone would be enough to support a person for over 3 years!

Expedition Leader, Martin Holland:

“The logistics of this expedition are incredibly complex, and made all the more difficult for being organised in a country which runs on ‘rubber time’, and where the language is alien to most of the team. We are relying on our Indonesian team members for their local knowledge, as well as a few fixers who have already been volunteering their time to support us.

After 18 months, we are close to the beginning of what will be an amazing and worthwhile adventure. Our research is going to be used to help protect this unique part of the world, and the rare and threatened species that live here, from destruction.”

The expedition is going to be one of the first truly interactive rainforest expeditions, with videos, blogs and tweets broadcast to this website from Camp Foyle regularly so that anyone in the world can follow us in real time. What’s more, the team will be taking part in live video links and skype chats througout the expedition.

Go to Interactive Expedition for more details.