Neil Fraser

Raising awareness, inspiring people, and building a strong grassroots movement toward a sustainable future for the island of Borneo is central to our mission, and Neil is just the man to help us achieve these goals.

Neil Fraser was born in Edinburgh and, after working in sales, graduated as a primary school teacher from the University of Edinburgh in 2000. After some years teaching he acted on his passion for environmental issues and took up a post in a leading NGO as environmental education officer and eventually manager. As a consultant to the Scottish government and local authorities Neil has developed expertise in sustainable development communications and engagement and is author of the book ‘The Environmental Toolkit for Teachers’.

Now living in Stockholm with his partner Neil enjoys hiking, sports, travel and spending time on his allotment growing the tastiest organic carrots in Scandinavia.

We’re delighted to welcome Neil to the team, and we hope that you will join us in wishing him, and us, every success. You can head over to Twitter and Facebook to say hello, and if you’re interested in volunteering with us in a communications and outreach role, you can head over to the registration page and tell us all about your skills.

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