Creativity is humanity’s greatest hope.

Photography. Film. Stories. Music. Art can reach out and speak to people in ways that scientific research, as important as it is, never can. Documentary or abstract. We support it all.


Our Artists in Residence program helps us to involve artists and creatives in as much of our field work as possible, to extend the idea of multidisciplinary work as widely as possible. By field work we mean our expeditions, our research activity, and our community projects.

It’s not always easy, for us or the individuals, but we think it’s important. So far we’ve had photographers, writers, filmmakers and musicians join us, and the work has always been valuable. The experience for many of the Artists in Residence has been life changing.

Previously we haven’t been able to offer any kind of funding, but we are trying to develop this program so that, at the very least, we can cover the costs of the artist in the field, so that only their transport needs to be covered.

The exact agreements will depend on the individual circumstances, but generally all we ask for commitments from the artist to share their experiences and their work as publicly as possible.

If you are an artist or creative in any field, and would like to enquire about upcoming opportunities, please complete the form below and send to us, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enquire about the Artists in Residence Program