Capacity building is an underlying theme connecting all of our projects

We use the term capacity building broadly, but in general what we mean is creating resources that enhance the ability of people, communities,  and institutions to realise our shared goals.


By resources we mean many things. To a person, a skill, tool or technique is a resource. To a village, a person or team who have been trained in sustainable fisheries can become a resource, as can a land use map, or a system that allows more effective communication to neighbouring communities and towns.

To a scientist, a research station, networking portal, or a database of all known papers and data published about Borneo, are all resources. To policy makers that scientist’s research can become a resource, while to an organisation like us, scientists trained in Community Based Participatory Research are powerful resources, as are people, communities, institutions and businesses who are willing to collaborate and share information.

So we attempt to identify the biggest barriers to realising our mission, and then target capacity building projects in line with our values and strategy. We think this ensures that our projects are always focused on creating wide and long- lasting impact.

You can find more about our capacity building related projects below.