Discover, Educate, and Inspire

Our outreach work is about more than teaching facts about deforestation at school, but about inspiring a fascination and love for our environment, and a deep understanding of the threats facing rainforests and forest dependent communities in Borneo, both inside and outside the classroom.


The fact is that the Heart of Borneo should be on a par with the Amazon and the Great Barrier reef in terms of natural wonders of international importance, and if it were, perhaps it would be more protected.

So we work with partners, schools and universities to create educational resources that are available to everyone, and we make use of satellite communications technology to make our expeditions and research programs some of the most innovative on the planet.

We use live video links and multimedia beamed back from our field camps to help us channel the excitement and the adventure of our expeditions, and to create a platform to engage and inspire thousands of people from around the world to do what they can to protect these rainforests.

We visit schools, universities, clubs, businesses, museums, and societies to give talks and lectures around the world. We produce amazing multimedia and artwork for display online and in exhibitions.

And of course we take young people who are still choosing their directions in life into the rainforest to assist with our fieldwork.

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