Heart of Borneo Expeditions not only represent our core activity, they symbolise the values and beliefs that we bring to our work. Exploration and discovery are fuelled by a sense of wonder, hope, and curiosity about the world and its mysteries, and explorers can inspire those same feelings in the people they share their stories and findings with.


So we take experts and future experts into unstudied, often uncharted areas of rainforest in Borneo, where we can show the public, politicians, and businesses the natural value of such areas before they are lost without anyone ever realising what was there.

We must demonstrate the value of nature and wilderness in order to protect it, and for that we need data, information, and powerful multimedia.

Our expeditions are multidisciplinary and interactive, combining science and the media by bringing together researchers from a range of different fields of study with artists and media producers to document their work and the issues at stake. By using state of the art satellite communications we can broadcast the discoveries and personal stories live from some of the most remote regions on the planet.

And we build capacity at every level. We work with indigenous and remote communities, not just to benefit from their unparalleled local knowledge and insight, but to share our knowledge and skills with them. Our international team help to fund the Indonesian, Malaysian and Brunei team, and all of our team members go on to give talks and lectures at their local schools, groups and universities.

We select the scientists, campaigners, and advocates of the future to make up our teams, and we involve them in as many of the different aspects of the expeditions as possible, from planning to fundraising right through to the report writing. And finally, the expedition data and media is used to write reports and create educational and outreach materials for local people, government, industry, schools, the press, and the conservation movement.

Use this area of the site to explore our past expeditions, engage with teams who are in the field right now, apply for a place on an upcoming expedition, or propose an expedition to an area that you know is in need.

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