Creating an interactive educational platform to bring the rainforests to your classroom

The Rainforest Classrooms program is our way of building knowledge and understanding of the fascinating, complex, and vital rainforests of Borneo into the hearts and minds of the next generation of conservationists, businessmen, and politicians.


Working in collaboration with the amazing Digital Explorer team, we”re looking to create a multi-lingual media-based platform for teaching students about rainforest species, ecosystems, and cultures. To begin with, Rainforest Classrooms will be based on the UK National Curriculum, with specific resources for Key Stages 1-4. Over time  we hope to extend this resource to other international and national curricula, starting with Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Once developed, the Rainforest Classroom platform will be a stand alone educational tool with videos, maps, and real data from our field work and research. Teachers will be able to incorporate school visits and live video and audio links with scientists and explorers working in the field.

We have huge hopes for the scale of this project, and are actively seeking a major sponsor to fund the growth and development of this exciting project.