Research underpins our approach, giving meat to the bones of our vision and approach

Raw data and the peer review process is hard to deny. Maybe it’s easy to ignore, but we and our partners have many ways of being heard, and when people pay attention, we have the facts to back us up.

Research is also a fantastic way of engaging the public in a topic, an area, or a particular species, and by involving volunteers and young people in field research we believe we are nurturing the sustainable leaders of tomorrow.



The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
Investigate systematically.
noun: investigation – exploration – search – study – inquiry
verb: explore – investigate – search – study – inquire

We conduct and facilitate field research in the rainforests to identify important or threatened areas, to locate habitats and species ranges, and to validate claims of illegal activity. We encourage independent scientists to join our teams in the field in order to conduct their own, more specific research, and we take advantage of a small army of volunteers to help us conduct desk research on topics and datasets.

We believe research at its best should be multidisciplinary, holistic, interactive, participatory, and community-based.

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