• Heart of Borneo Expeditions not only represent our core activity, they symbolise the values and beliefs that we bring to our work.

    Find out more about how and why we run expeditions, check out past and planned expeditions, and how you can get involved, in the field or online.

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  • Research underpins our approach, giving meat to the bones of our vision and strategy

    Raw data and the peer review process is hard to deny. Maybe it’s easy to ignore, but we and our partners have many ways of being heard, and when people pay attention, we have the facts to back us up.

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  • Capacity building is an underlying theme connecting all of our projects

    We identify barriers to achieving our mission and create resources that enhance the ability of people, communities, and institutions to realise our shared goals.

  • Crowd-sourcing, crowd mapping, networked science….

    whatever you call it, the principle of the hub is that collaboration not only combines our collective intelligence, knowledge, imagination and energy, but amplifies it so the whole really is far greater than the sum of our parts.

  • Discover, Educate, and Inspire

    Our outreach work is about more than teaching facts about deforestation at school, but about inspiring a fascination and love for our environment, and a deep understanding of the threats facing rainforests and forest dependent communities in Borneo, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Possibly the most remote research station in Borneo

    Camp Foyle is located in an area of fantastic biodiversity and lush primary lowland rainforest, in Bukit Batikap Hutan Lindung, Central Kalimantan