Buses, Bloc M, and Boney Fish

Everyone must have been shattered as we all slept through 5.30am call to prayer and arose at 7am sharp to get breakfast. After a deep fried egg and ‘toast’ we hopped straight onto a very hot and sweaty local bus, number 20, and were entered into a wild goose chase for Bloc M, the mall, in the mean time getting entertained by a small band of up and coming musicians who had found their stage on said bus.

Eventually finding some sign of Bloc M, after much confusion to its where abouts the team split up into 2 groups, Rosie and James searching for dictionaries as gifts for Muara Joloi, a thermometer and some other last minute medical supplies; whilst Caro went off to SOS Medika, banks and running over the final budget with Rupert Ridgeway of Project Barito Ulu, one of our local partners.

After successful morning we had a well deserved cold shower and some food. We were joined by Steve Oliver, our local agent in Jakarta, who had tracked us down to Hotel ‘Dodgey’ Djody, and helped us order some very bony fish and point and warn us off the very convincing lady boys. The day was a great success apart from a minor heart attack caused by a bank not working due to a possible cancellation of bank cards.