Indonesian Students and BOS

This morning we met Pak Kumpiadi and Adi Jaya from the Unioversity of Palangka Raya, along with the two UNPAR students Daniel and Zainal, all went well and the students were very keen to get on with the expedition and help in any way they could, although the language barrier was an issue at first this was soon broken down as communications became easier with many a dictionary and hand signals.

At 3 o’clock the whole team met with five representatives from Borneo Orang-utan Survival Foundation (BOS) to discuss the community project and its involvement with their five year development plan for the villages of Muara Joloi and Parahau Baru. The meeting was incredibly productive and another meeting the second day was quickly arranged.

Price comparison carried on late into the evening when it was time to call it a day to get much needed sleep at the very greasy, humid, smelly, noisy, shower deficient, cockroach heaven that is Hotel Mina.