Gibbons Wake up the Forest as Lara Introduces her Research into the Hybrid Species Found Here

Filmed and Edited by Martin Holland

Lara Is Setting off up The Joloi River with a Sub-Team in Search of a Hybrid Species of Gibbon 

By Lara Rogers, Assistant Lead Scientist 

So it’s now my last night at Camp Foyle for approximately 2 weeks.  My hunt for the hybrid has so far been unsuccessful here.  I am off with a small team to look for the hybrid along a different potential boundary of the Hybrid gibbon. Tim and Agung will be helping me, along with 3 local guides. 

This is really exciting for me and my team.  Of course we are living fairly basically here at the moment however I am really looking forward to breaking down to a small rolling camp with the true bare minimums.  We plan to have a rolling camp, spending 3-4 days in each site. 

So no more electricity, music, internet for me.  I will be sending twitter updates so please follow me from there. 

The hunt is on…..