Sub-Cutaneous Worm Infestation and More Foot Rot

 By Holli Kilburn, Canopy Researcher

 The Tropical Rainforest is a closed energy system – very little comes in or goes out and there is a high rate of turnover so things rot very fast here, including us! Over half the team have parasitic worms and/or foot-rot. My right foot is a tropical disease clinic’s delight with four sub—cutaneous parasitic worms, Athlete’s Foot and a verruca. Luckily our head guide and all-round hero, Aspor, knows of a certain type of tree, the bark of which can be pulped and made into a compress and the juice drunk to help combat worms as well as treat poisoning by poisoned dart. Today, Lara, Rusty, James, Tim and myself imbibed the grey liquid and strapped soggy bark to our various worms, held in place with cardboard and tape. Tomorrow we shall see whether this helps.

Update: Rusty has woken up this morning, and can now move his little finger! Yesterday, before the treatment, the worm had caused his finger to be pretty immobile due to the swelling.