Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No, It is a lizard with elongated ribs flying. Well I say flying, more like controlled gliding really.

Herpetologist, Dale Mortiboys gets excited about real life dragons.

Lizards are fascinating to me. I have spent many hours of my life running after them. I have never seen one evade me quite like these amazing creatures. They move from tree to tree without needing to touch the ground. They have evolved elongated ribs, giving them wings between the arm and leg.

This skin flap is used to control its flight between the trunks. At first you are convinced it is a leaf, but it doesn’t fall. You see it fly sideways and tip its wings to make minute adjustments. The other striking thing about these lizards can only be truly appreciated when the specimen is in the hand.

 The colouration of these wonders is as if it flew through a rainbow and stole the colour in its scales. The green body is complimented by wings of black and yellow. All this makes flying lizard a great little animal. It soars through the canopy of the jungle and has flown to the top of my favourite lizard list!!