Champing at the Bit to get into the Field

Canopy Researcher Holli Kilburn describes her take on the first two weeks in Indonesia

And so, the adventure has begun. We’ve had a mental two weeks of epic travel across the bizarre inter-worlds that are international airports followed by the rapid hustle, bustle and barter of negotiating prices in the streets and markets of Banjarmasin.

We have raced against the clock to order or get made all our kit and equipment only to be held up by red tape. What to do? Have a beer and enjoy the light show of the tropical storms in Palangkaraya.

Personal highs – the glorious, clinging heat and getting to know the crew and towns of Indonesia.  Personal lows – finding out that the trees we will be climbing will be 40m and not 80m! On the upside, conducting our canopy access research in the 100% humidity will be easier at this height and my Mum will be all the happier for it too.

Fingers crossed, the waiting game is soon to be over and this afternoon we should, with any luck, all pile into jeeps for a twelve-hour overnight mission to Puruk Cahu to rendezvous with the big boat ferrying James, Dan and all our kit.

As I am sure you can imagine, after nearly two weeks in country, we are champing at the bit to get going. The forest is in sight!