We rely on the donations and support of people like you from all around the world to do what we do. Your support WILL make a difference

Thanks for checking out this page – it probably means that you’re interested in helping us protect rainforests in Borneo. We’ll show you how you can help, and why you should.


We can’t do what we do without funding. We get some of our income of grants that we apply for, but most of it comes from generous people like you.

We have tiny overheads and the way we design our projects means we can be super efficient with our spending.

You can make a one off, secure donation through our Big Give account page. We’ll be able to process regular giving online soon, but in the mean time head over to our donation page and show us some love.

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We want the world to know about the Rainforests of Borneo and our work to protect them. Getting social means we keep you up to date, but also makes it easy for you to share all this good stuff with your friends, fans and followers.


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This works in one of two (and a half) ways:

Using the Easy Fundraising Search Tool instead of Google, Bing or Yahoo Search engines make money from advertising. Easy Search gives that money to good causes instead of shareholders 🙂

Raise money as you shop when you are signed in to Easy Fundraising This is awesome. All you do is create an account and choose us as your charity of choice. Then install the magic Find and Remind browser plugin.

Now, next time you are shopping on one of their partner sites (2000 and counting), you will be asked if you would like to claim a donation through Easy Fundraising. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but we will receive up to 15% of whatever you spend!

Business Purchases through Easy Fundraising Business could raise thousands of pounds for us simply by being signed in to an Easy Fundraising account when they are making their purchases online. If you run or work for a company, this might be the single biggest and easiest way for you to make a difference to our work.

Raise money for your cause


You can raise money for us by running, cycling, trekking, climbing, fasting, shaving…. anything you fancy really!

The record amount raised for us through a sponsored challenge is the EDF Trading Mt Kinabalu climb which raised over £7,500!

What to do next:

1) Find something you fancy doing that your friends and family will sponsor you for completing.

We’ll put a few events on our challenges page, but in the mean time it really it could be any organised event you like, or something completely self organised.

2) Create a fundraising page on My Donate and by visiting our account page and clicking on the Start Fundraising link.

3) Get in touch with us to let us know your plans and ask us for any help you think you might need

4) Go mad on Facebook and Twitter, email your friends, and son’t stop until you have smashed your fundraising target!

5) Feel amazing and let us tell the world about how awesome you are 🙂