Sometimes when things are a bit, well, naff, like an ugly jumper given to you for Christmas, they get left in the back of a cupboard, under the bed, or in the garage, to slowly decay and gather dust until you can discretely take them down to the local charity shop.

This was our old website. We built it in haste about two years ago, and it really wasn’t very well designed. We stopped updating it quite a long time ago, putting all of our spare website-type energy into getting a brand new shiny website instead.

I’m sorry we neglected it in that way, because it meant that we were relying solely on Facebook to keep our followers up to date with our progress. But we really are a very small team, and we have a very modest budget, so we do all this kind of stuff in house. Plus, we wanted to get it right this time.

Last night we took our old site offline, and today we make our new site public!

It’s an amazing feeling for us, because we have all this gorgeous photography, stunning footage, important news and inspiring stories to share. We have expedition results and expedition vacancies to promote. We have a resource library and knowledge base to put online. We have a thousand and one ways for you to get involved and support our work and we want to tell you about all of them.

We have launched the site as soon as it was ready, so it’s still only running at around 25% capacity. So keep coming back to check our progress, as we add more and more content and slowly get this wonderful new platform running at full speed.

In the mean time, please leave us a comment to tell us what you think.